About eSignal - Stock Trading Solutions Company

eSignal is the leading provider of high performance trading solutions & software for professional and individual traders.

eSignal was established over 25 years ago, with headquarters in Hayward, California and over 15 offices located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our award-winning array of products and services provides real-time market data and professional-level decision support software to help active traders make their best trades.

What helps make this possible is our dedicated team of professionals, led by Kyle Ford. Joining the team in 2012, Kyle is the General Manager, Desktops, for Interactive Data, with responsibility for the global desktop business of Interactive Data's Trading Solutions, comprising the retail and institutional products and services of eSignal, FutureSource and Market-Q.

In addition, our advanced IP multicast backbone supports the sophisticated infrastructure that makes the eSignal product suite so accurate, reliable and easy to use. It is engineered and operated internally, boasts multiple, geographically dispersed server farms, and fed with live data from direct, redundant connections with exchanges all over the world.

eSignal is also an Interactive Data company. Learn more about the trading products and services it provides to the institutional and individual investor community at www.interactivedata.com.